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While working with AudioDescripton, the complexity of creating quality content in a reasonable amount of time can be very difficult and in many cases the costs are substantial. The workflows include several individual experts, complex software and deep understanding of, video editing, audio engineering and audio describing.

The ADsuit is our attempt to offer a full service solution around offering and consuming AudioDescription quicker, more efficient and easier then ever before and by that bring accessibility further to be a mainstream implementation in all media content.

ADsuit applications


Is a new way to create and apply AudioDescription into any movie. If you would like to provide full accessible shows, short internet clips or educational content. With ADauthor you can create AudioDescriptions using your existing recordings, you can record your descriptions right away while authoring or you can use the inbuild high quality text to speech synthesis for rapid work and quick multilingual productions. You can export your work as inbuild mix of movie sound and AudioDescription, you can have a dedicated AD audio track or you can create a full movie file including all possible audio tracks as a choice for your users.
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Creating Audiodescription and providing accessible multimedia content is important. When the accessible content should be applied to mainstream activities like movie presentations, family movie evenings or educational videos it requires an easy way to play it.
Current players have the option to play multimedia content and output the original audio track OR the audio track including the additional AudioDescription information. ADplayer allows to distribute the channels according to each individual needs and does not offer only one fits all solution.
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To provide prerecorded AudioDescription during live events like theatre plays, concerts or operas it needs audio professionals and describers and usually involves several standard software not tailored for the specific needs of AudioDescription.
ADlive allows the describer to send preregistered descriptions directly without involvement of further staff and with the required precision and flexibility.
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Distributing AudioDescription to an audience without involving with regular audio outputs usually require special hardware receiver and the logistics to hand them over to the target user. This adds to the need of human resources as well as increases the budget requirements.
Speekie is a mobile application what utilizes the mobile phone or tablet as a wireless receiver for the transmission of AudioDescription. No additional device or infrastructure is needed and every user is independant in using the service.
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