How can I cancle/pause my subscription?

You can interrupt your subscription at any time in the  members area within the chapter My subscriptions on our website.

Use your login credentials you have used during the subscription process to login by opening https:/www.audiodescription.info/, on the main navigation at the top move the mouse cursor above Shop and click on the sub menu item My account.
Once logged in, navigate to the My subscription section. Here you find the button Cancel to interrupt your subscription.

What is my subscription ID and where can i find it?

The subscription ID is an identifier bound to your subscription and helping to identify your legit licensing. Upon your subscribing, our confirmation email will contain your subscription ID. Also your receipts of payment will contain the same information.

Please note, for successful registration of your subscription, you will need to provide the same email address as you have used for registration on our website.

Application related


Why ADauthor choosen a subscription model?

ADauthor is targeted to a wide user base. On one side professionals and those who work daily on producing audio description, on the other side there are also those who occasionally produce video content and want to add audio descriptions.

While the application development is financed by user fees, we would like to keep it the most affordable for every content creator, disregarding the commercial interest of their product. A monthly subscription allows us to keep a fee at a minimum and everyone can subscribe only at the moment they actively use the application.

For professionals we keep the option of a reduced yearly subscription fee.

What type of speech synthesis is available for ADauthor?

ADauthor uses SAPI5 compatible speech synthesis installed on your system. This includes the onboard voices provided by Microsoft as well as any 3rd party available voice.
As long as your preferred speech synthesizer is SAPI5 compatible, you will be able to use it within ADauthor with all its possibilities.

Why is a subscription not including a license for a synthetic voice for my descriptions?

In order to provide a inbuild voice synthesis, we would need to raise the monthly subscription fee dramatically to cover our costs. In the same time, we would limit your choices of usable languages and variations.
By leaving you the choice of preferred language and narrator type as well as vendor, we can ensure you, you wont pay for components, you do not need.
You can obtain professional high quality synthetic voices such as from Acapela or Nuance separat from locations like HARPO Software.

How much does it cost to create AudioDescription with ADauthor?

ADauthor licensing is based on a monthly subscription. For a monthly subscription fee of €15,00 per month, you are set to use the software without any restriction for commercial use and without restriction in amount of descriptions or projects. For subscribing, please turn to our shop.
Please consider, ADauthor does not include a license for a synthesis at the moment. Professional high quality synthetic voices such as from Acapela or Nuance will have to be purchased separat from locations like HARPO Software.

What are the limitations of the unregistered version?

The unregistered demonstration and evaluation version of ADauthor is limit in no functionality. All its features can be tested. You will be restricted to only 10 descriptions per project. Additionally, your exports are not free to be used for commercial use.
We do not add any watermark or restrict you in exporting as we would like you to have a full experience for your evaluation.

What video formats can I open?

ADauthor can visualize all common windows supported video codecs and containers as long as the corresponding codec is available on your computer.
The source details upon opening a video will tell exactly the audio and video codec used. In case of problems in playing a video, please forward a screenshot of those information to us.

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